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Транзилла # 1 / Tranzilla # 1 (Ed Hunter) [2010 г., Transsex, SheMale, Anal, Oral, BJ, Hardcore, DVDRip, Оригинал] pb.wtf

Транзилла # 1 через торрент pb.wtf

Размер: 1.02 GB | Добавлен: 6 лет 9 мес. назад | Торрент скачан:90 раз

13-01-2014 05:59 Транзилла # 1 Скачать торрент  

Транзилла # 1 / Tranzilla # 1

Год выпуска: 2010
Страна: USA
Жанр: Transsex, SheMale, Anal, Oral, BJ, Hardcore,
Продолжительность: 03:10:30
Язык: English
Перевод: Оригинал

Режиссер: Ed Hunter
Студия: Third World Media

В ролях: Vanessa, Samara, Avilla Jackson, Esmerelda Dias, Yasmin Dliran, Marcinha Prado,

Описание: Similar to King Kong and Godzilla, Tranzillas are large, mean, ugly ass wrecking animals. The difference is that these Transsexuals got giant cocks with ultra animalistic tendencies. Warning: Messing with one of these Shemales should be done at your own risk. Marcinha Prado is the Tranzilla cover-girl. It is easy to see why she was blessed with this distinct honor. Her manly face is only the beginning. Her long hair, big lips and never ending legs let men know they should fully respect her power. But the giant anaconda residing between her legs, slowly slivering from side to side, is what forces the average man into quick submission. She introduces her reptile to the back of a white boys throat, as he gags and chokes through the bulk of it. She reams his ass out with her tongue, slow sucking him with her giant cock swallowing Tranzilla mouth. She crams 2 of her fingers deep inside his shitter, before pumping him full of her hard meat. She goes full Tranzilla style on him, ripping and tearing his undersized anus to shreds. She unleashes even more fury on his young butt and feed s him intermittent tastes of his own ass off the end of her massive baton. He yanks and blows, as she continues to pump and jam; finally discharging a massive batch all over his stomach region. Samara is big and blonde, but one would not realize she is an official Tranzilla until she takes her clothes off. Her super-inflated tits and long legs are tell tale signs; but her thick foreskin coated penis is the true giveaway. Her boyfriend pays homage to her shaft, ball bag and foreskin too; sucking and jerking on it with great pride and honor. She opens up her big monster mouth and easily inhales every last bit of his rod and sack too. She gives him a chance at her shit chute first and he delivers well, while she strokes away at her fat pipe. She lays him out and handles his ass wishbone style, with one leg up in the air and one down on the bed. She gets him to spill a batch, before adding some of her own to the pile. Avilla Jackson is a large scary tranny with a double pierced tongue, pierced lip and naval piercing too. She is tall, tight and skinny with super long legs and a large meaty surprise, not capable of being hidden and residing behind her panties. She tugs, strokes and whacks it around solo, before feeding a mouth stretching portion to her small and skinny white boyfriend. He gnaws and nibbles at it a bit, before she completely inhales his dick deep into her own mouth. She then preps her hog for a journey ending somewhere deep inside his large intestines. She digs her way up there fast and hard, showing little to no mercy on him at all. She continues to brutalize his bung, before pulling out and jacking off a small but sticky one on herself. He tags Tranzilla with a messy one all over her neck and shoulder too. Esmeralda Dias is big and beefy. Big body, big face, big tits, big ass and of course a big Tranzilla python residing in her crotch. She likes her meat dark and well done and sucks away at the large dark salami we feed her. He spits in her anus and jams a couple of fingers inside, readying it for his black bologna. Tranzilla is cock starved and anally hungry too as these two go at it like King Kong vs. Tranzilla. Tranzilla grunts and groans and lets out a mighty roar, as she spills big on her 6 pack abs and King Kong battles back with a big blast buried in the middle of her chest.

Качество: DVDRip
Формат: WMV
Видео кодек: Windows Media
Аудио кодек: WMA
Видео: WVC1 720x480 (4:3) 27fps 700kbps
Аудио: WMA 2 48000Hz stereo 64kbps

pack Скачать Транзилла # 1 через торрент http://pic.kartinco.top/images/6/a8itl.jpg Скачать фильм Транзилла # 1 через торрент бесплантно в хорошем качестве Описание: Similar to King Kong and Godzilla, Tranzillas are large, mean, ugly ass wrecking animals. The difference is that these ... 10 10 7
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Торрент: Зарегистрирован [2014-01-13 05:59] · скачан: 90 раз
Статус: √ проверено
Размер: 1.02 GB
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