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Фетиш-фанатик 4 / Fetish Fanatic 4 (Belladonna) [2006 г., Sex Toys, Anal, Shemale on Female, Lesbian, DaP, Pregnant, All Sex, SATRip, Оригинал] pb.wtf

Фетиш-фанатик 4 через торрент pb.wtf

Размер: 3.94 GB | Добавлен: 6 лет 9 мес. назад | Торрент скачан:828 раз

16-01-2014 09:54 Фетиш-фанатик 4 Скачать торрент  

Фетиш-фанатик 4 / Fetish Fanatic 4

Год выпуска: 2006
Страна: USA
Жанр: Sex Toys, Anal, Shemale on Female, Lesbian, DaP, Pregnant, All Sex,
Продолжительность: 04:57:38
Язык: English
Перевод: Оригинал

Режиссер: Belladonna
Студия: Belladonna Entertainment
Дистрибьютор: Evil Angel

В ролях: Belladonna, Katsuni, Sasha Grey, Sandra Romain, Claire Adams, Danielle Foxxx, Vicky Richter, Brianna Love,

Chapter 1: Belladonna And Katsumi: Wow. Is this a match made in Heaven or what? These two completely fucking hot women waste no time at all getting down and dirty with another. Bella throws Katsumi against the wall and starts slurping at her ass through her dress before pulling it up and tasting the real thing. After a bit of that Belladonna leans against the wall and hikes her dress up so that Katsumi can eat her pussy. They break out a double-ended black mamba of a dildo and each suck an end of it before Katsumi pushes it down her throat. Katsumi gets down on all fours and Belladonna eats her pussy and her ass from behind, and then she slips a butt plug up there and eats her pussy. She slips a few fingers into Katsumi's ass and then that black dildo finds its way up there. They move into a sixty-nine, and then Belladonna lies back and spreads her legs so Katsumi can eat her ass while she sucks a dildo. They share the double-ended dong and suck it together again, then Belladonna slides it into Katsumi's pussy from behind. Bella fingers her pussy and her ass and they bring the scene to an end. HOT STUFF. If you're a fan of either of these two ladies, seeing them in action together here is a real treat. They're obviously way into each other and what they're doing and the both look fantastic and fuck like the pros that they are.

Chapter 2: Belladonna And Sasha Gray: This scene starts with Belladonna in bed and Sasha looking at her. They while Belladonna works a butt plug up her ass. They both look very nice as they get things started, and soon Belladonna climbs on top of Sasha and they start kissing. They rub up against each other and Bella crams her fingers into her mouth, then Sasha thrusts her ass up in the air and Bella eats it like a starving dog. Bella gets a butt plug up her ass again and then Sasha rubs her pussy against her leg and crotch and slaps her in the face. Sasha moves her pussy up to Bella's face and sits on it, and then they move to the Jacuzzi. They both get in and start kissing then Belladonna puts a purple dildo into Sasha's mouth and down her throat. Sasha spreads her legs and Bella fucks her pussy with the big purple dildo, and then they switch spots so that Sasha can fuck Belladonna's pussy. Sasha deep throats a black dildo, and then they suck each other's tongues and spit into one another's mouths. Sasha bends over and spreads her legs so that Bella can fuck her in the ass with the dildo but it can only go in so far so instead she eats her asshole, going back and forth with her tongue and the toy. The dildo then goes into Sasha's mouth then Belladonna gives her a water injection that she makes her hold in her snatch as long as she can. She squirts it out, Belladonna slaps her tits, and then she gives her a milk enema, which shoots out her asshole. Sasha squirts it out then they kiss and end another really hot scene. Holy crap is Sasha ever hot. We need to see more of her now.

Chapter 3: Belladonna And Sandra Romain: In this scene, Bella's dressed up like a little girl and talking like one too. She is sitting in the corner whining and her hair is in pigtails and she has fake freckles painted on her face. Sandra comes in and pulls her mouth open hard. She slams her in the ass like she's fucking her from behind, and then she gives her a serious spanking. Bella's panties come off and Sandra rubs her pussy and then fucks her snatch with a big black vibrator. She pumps her hard with the toy and uses her feet to pull it in and out of her and Bella's snatch gets stretched. Sandra shoves her foot into Belladonna's pussy and crams her fingers into her mouth, before pulling her fingers out and fucking her throat with a big clear plastic dildo. Sandra then uses that dildo on Belladonna's ass, cramming it all the way in to the rim. From there she puts the dildo in Bella's pussy and slips a big ol' butt plug into her ass at the same time. After that they head into the bathtub and Sandra makes Bella run cold water over her pussy while she rubs her clit for her and fucks her with that same dildo. From there Sandra sits on Belladonna's face and rubs her pussy all over her mouth, then Belladonna lies back with her legs spread while Sandra walks on her chest and tits while Sandra makes her take the running water into her mouth to end the scene. This one was also pretty hot. Sandra completely dominates Belladonna, and Belladonna seems really into it (judging by the commentary track more on that later she was).

Chapter 4: Belladonna And Claire Adams: When this scene starts both girls are in hot pink fetish gear. Bella is chained up like a dog on a leash and Claire is walking her around. Claire gets on top of Bella and plays with her pussy lips and smacks her around while she makes Bella use a dildo on her pussy with her mouth. They pump Bella's mouth up with air as far as it'll go then Claire sucks Belladonna's tits before getting her on all fours and fingering her pussy and asshole. She flips her over and eats her muff, and then she fists her pussy before fucking her cunt with her foot. Claire eats her out again and then Bella bends over so Claire can nibble at her ass and snatch from behind. Bella fingers her own ass for the camera then Claire puts on a strap on which Bella deep throats. Claire lies down so Belladonna can fuck her in the ass with a dildo and suck on her toes at the same time. After that Belladonna rides Claire's strap on cowgirl style and then reverse cowgirl style. Bella licks Claire's asshole and eats her pussy from behind and then sucks on her tits for a bit before sucking the strap on and bending over so that Claire can fuck her in the ass with it. The two girls kiss and end this really hot scene (which runs almost an hour).

Chapter 5: Belladonna, Danielle Foxx And Vicki Richter: Dani and Vicki, the two she-males, kiss to get this scene going. They stroke each other and move into the bathroom where Bella is wearing a leash. They kiss and Bella gets her asshole eaten out while she sucks Vicki's cock. From there Danielle piledrive's Bella's snatch, then she blows Vicki while Danielle fucks her from behind. Bella's ass gets stretched wide and she rides Dani's cowgirl style taking it up the ass and then does the same thing with Vicki. Vicki gives Dani head while Bella eats her ass. This scene didn't work so well. You probably have to be into she-he's to get off on this, and baby, it just ain't my thang. Next!

Chapter 6: Belladonna And Brianna Love: Bella's dressed as a nurse and she has to listen to Brian's (Briana is pregnant in this scene) heart beat. She starts to suck her nipples then listens to her pussy and pulls her panties down. She licks her snatch and fingers her pussy for her before Briana gets on all fours and Bella slaps a piece of rubber over her ass which she then uses to tongue her with. She finger's Briana's asshole then fucks her ass with a butt plug while using a dildo on her pussy. Bella then licks her feet before sticking having Briana stick her big toe up her asshole while she rubs her pussy. Bella then sits on her face so Briana can eat her out before getting on all fours so Briana can fuck her in the ass with a dildo while she fingers her pussy. Bella takes a butt plug up the ass and then Brian lies down with her legs spread to take a vibrator in her pussy which makes her squirt all over the bed. Belladonna laps it all up and the scene finishes. Once again, hot stuff. Prego or not, Briana looks great and Belladonna in the nurse's outfit is a nice touch.

Chapter 7: Belladonna: This solo scene features her in bed, licking her fingers and fingering her pussy. She spreads her pussy lisp and rubs herself off, cramming a few fingers in there for good measure. She deep throats a purple dildo and then fucks her pussy with it and then she rolls over and takes a butt plug up the ass. She fingers her ass for a bit then uses a black dildo on it. She lubes up and fingers her ass some more then slips a test tube up there which she licks off to end a very nice masturbation scene.

Scene Breakdowns:
Scene 1. Belladonna, Katsuni
Scene 2. Belladonna, Sasha Grey
Scene 3. Belladonna, Sandra Romain
Scene 4. Belladonna, Claire Adams
Scene 5. Belladonna, Danielle Foxxx, Vicky Richter
Scene 6. Belladonna, Brianna Love
Scene 7. Belladonna

Качество: SATRip
Формат: MP4
Видео кодек: H.264/AVC
Аудио кодек: AAC
Видео: MPEG4 Video (H264) 640x480 29.970 fps 1136 Kbps
Аудио: AAC 22050Hz 2 channels stereo ~100kbps


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